4 Tips to Stay Secure in Online Dating


The world of online dating is considered both as a scary and interesting place. And if you want to date Sydney people online, you should be very careful about the steps you take.

You really want to present your true self there, while not disclosing any personal or sensitive information. Sharing too much information might expose you. And sharing very little could make you look lees interesting. Maintaining the balance is a challenging task.

If you are interested in online dating but also concerned about the risks, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find the proven and expert tips and tricks about the proper ways of dating Sydney people online.

Use a Proxy Phone Number

Proxy-Phone-NumberAt some point, you will likely make a connection with another person. And to take things ahead, you need to exchange your phone number. However, you might not be whether this person will be a perfect match for you. And therefore, you shouldn’t use a proxy number.

Using a Google Voice number could be an excellent choice in this regard. You can use the service for free. This number could be used to route phone calls and text messages to your actual phone number. As the other person will see the Google Voice number only, your privacy will remain intact.

Use a Disposable Email Address

When you are using an online dating service, you should expect to get a bunch of emails, both necessary and unnecessary. This includes the notifications, private messages, status updates, other people’s updates etc. And more often than not, you will also be bombarded with a number of spam emails too.


After a while, these emails could really add up. Using a disposable email address is an excellent choice for avoiding this situation. And of course, you can use that email address for subscribing to other suspicious services too.

Remove Geotag Information

When you are taking selfies or getting some pretty shots if yourself, the images are not only recording your visual appearance, but they are saving your location details too. This is called geotagging. Unless you remove the information, each photo you send contains some meta data about the location, date and time of the picture.


It makes sense to remove this information from you photos before uploading them to a dating site. There are several free EXIF metadata privacy apps available. You can use any of these apps to remove the data.

Be Careful about Dating Apps

Some modern dating sites now offer customized dating apps too. You can install these apps in your smartphone and continue dating there. However, make sure that the apps are not provided with any location-aware technologies.


If there is any such technology, find out how to disable those options. Otherwise, other people can find out your current location along with the location history.

When dating online, it is very important to protect your identity and present yourself as an attractive prospect. Following the advice provided above will help you in achieving both of these goals.